platnum powder coating
     The earliest forms of powder coating have been around since the early 1950s and were born from America's insatiable appetite for motor vehicles. The continued streamlining of the sub-contract supplier network led to manufacturers seeking the "holy grail" of a one coat finishing system. This, coupled with early signs from environmental pressure groups, led to powder coating as we know it today, which can be best described as "solid paint".
     The advantages over the established systems of traditional spray enamelling were speed of application and the continued pursuit of a high performance coating process. In place of the traditional etch prime, primer and possibly three coats of top coat, powder coating can do these all in one operation.
     The application equipment was developed from dipping into powder to spraying on powder and the basic spray equipment from the 1960s and 1970s has now led us to the state of the art equipment we recognise today. The same three key parts of the process, however, remain as important now as they were then: these are (a) the pre-treatment, (b) application and (c) curing of the components.
     Since the early 1980s, powder coatings have developed worldwide through continuous growth. This has been driven forward by continuous innovations pertaining to the available materials, improved formulating know-how, advances in application technology, plus the development of new applications (e.g. MDF and coil coating). Although restrictive environmental-protection regulations continue to rise, there will be constant growth in this market for decades to come.
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